About Us

Rugs and Sew Forth represents 35 years of experience and travel to rug producing regions of the world, first hand research and culmination of appropriate vocabulary into the opulence and grace in hand-knotted and hand-tufted area rugs.

This online gallery is an extension of our Facebook Group "Rugs and Sew Forth" which was created almost 5 years ago. The cornerstone of the group is to offer an informative and learning platform to the beginner, enthusiast and avid collector in all areas of appreciating and living with rugs. After sharing more than 1000 rugs and having given many a new home, Rugs and Sew Forth is excited to take the business into the digital era. 

'Rug' design is like having a foreign language at your disposal - a tactile language! The area rug plays a vital role in the final design scheme of interior spaces and helps to define floor plans, adding a sense of significance and purpose to the overall ensemble. Rugs create a new and startling perspective within the areas they occupy and actively shift the perception of the space, eventually asserting itself as the foundation of interior design. 

Rugs and Sew Forth explores modern designs in new productions with a plethora of styles and renditions as a result of careful collaboration between culture and history. Working with new weaving technology and materials combined with unexpected colour palettes, the rugs featured on this digital platform combine rich textures and artistic patterns, while setting the tone in each interior design space. 

With this launch of an easy to navigate online gallery, Rugs and Sew Forth will gradually expand its selection to include an inventory of bespoke designs and professional customized services for home owners and interior design specialists. 

We wish to accord our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all our customers over the years and welcome everyone to this unique and fascinating experience at

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