Kilim - Berjesta
Kilim - Berjesta
Kilim - Berjesta
Kilim - Berjesta

Kilim - Berjesta

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Welcome to our path where artistic expression meets traditional craft. This exceptional kilim inspires and evokes the essence of tribal and village rugs in a rather unique rendition of a kilim (flat weave), soumak (brocade weave) and pile (hand-knotted) rug. This special combination of a flat weave is known as a Berjesta and is traditionally in "Senneh" knots (Persian Knots) made by the semi-nomadic weavers of Afghanistan. 

The traditional rugs of Central Asia and the Middle East have long been celebrated for their intricate beauty and careful craftmanship which have been handed down through generations and this particular tribal rug represents a kaleidoscope of stories and tales.


Origin: Afghanistan

Production: Hand-Knotted

Construction: Flat weave-pile rug

Material: 100% Pure Wool

Dyes: Natural 

Size: 296 x 199cm

Surface Thickness:  8-10mm

Genre: Tribal

Certificate of authenticity will be provided. 


How to care for your rug:

  • Vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from the surface
  • If spills occur, do not rub or spread the stain. Simply blot the affected area with a dry cloth or a tissue to absorb the stain and work towards the stain.
  • Use warm water diluted in clear white vinegar to manage the dyes
  • It's recommended that you rotate the rug (not too often) to equalize the surface wear
  • If heavy furniture is placed over the rug, use a protector to avoid damaging the surface of the rug.
  • If your carpet is of hand-knotted wool, do not worry about furniture indents, simple vacuuming against the pile will prop up the surface once again. 
  • Professional cleaning: Every year, depending on the usage of the rug
  • Surface shedding: Hand Knotted rugs do not shed.